Patrick Ta No Longer Cares If He’s Relevant | 30 on 30 Interview

Patrick Ta and Shay Mitchell back in 2014

Patrick Ta

A couple of months ago, I celebrated my 30th birthday, and I just feel so much more confident in who I am. Things aren’t necessarily easier, but little things don’t bother me anymore. It’s amazing what time does to the human brain. I’m constantly learning, and I’m able to, honestly, just live

This past year has given me time to value the things I have and the people around me. Right before the pandemic, I was so busy and overwhelmed. Even if I was in front of you, I was [worried] about a bunch of other things I had to do that week or the next.

Now, I realize life is all about human interaction and feeling good. A few clients of mine lately have inspired me to do different things, and with social media, you’re able to see so many more styles. I used to be so worried about creating a look. Now, I’m starting to play with different shapes and eye shadows because one, I honestly do love learning, and two, being able to change with the times and to open up your mind is so important.

The thing I think about most lately is trying to create something I love. These past three weeks, I worked every single day, which is a blessing, but it’s worn me out because I’m so used to staying home. Although it’s exhausting, I appreciate working face-to-face more than ever before, and the things I noticed myself looking for in clients are different than what I looked for at the beginning of my career.

I used to look for who’s the most popular, who’s the most beautiful, who’s the most relevant. Now, I’m asking myself, “Who treats me like family?” I want a relationship beyond just standing in front of them during a job. And I’m not so thirsty to be the most relevant makeup artist. I truly want to love the looks I do and be proud of them.

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