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Orphaned Polar Bear That Loved to Hug Arctic Workers Gets New Life

Andrey Gorban / Royev Ruchey Zoo

When Arctic gold miners discovered a lost and defenseless bear cub whose mother had died, it didn’t take long for her to melt their hearts.

As the orphan cub began to trust men, the furry guest soon felt like a friend to the workers of the remote Severnaya Zemlya archipelago. He even loved bear hugs.

Andrey Gorban / Royev Ruchey Zoo

But with the crew scheduled to leave the base when their employment contract ended, the vulnerable bear would have to fend for itself. Between the threat of other predators and his lack of proper hunting skills, he would not be able to survive without help.

Fearing that they had only delayed the inevitable, the miners hoped that the large amount of garbage they had left behind was enough to support their beloved friend until they could organize a rescue mission for her.

Having had no means of external contact while at the base, the men sought guidance at the Moscow Zoo as soon as possible.

“All we knew was that the cub’s mother died and it was months ago that she discovered the base attracted by the smell of food,” said Andrey Gorban, director of the Royev Ruchey zoo in Krasnoyarsk. Siberian Times.

Andrey Gorban / Royev Ruchey Zoo

Following protocol, Gorban contacted the Russian wildlife authorities to determine a course of action. After deciding that the cub was unable to survive on its own, a rescue party was dispatched to take her to the zoo.

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“For better or for worse, they fed the endangered animal and thus domesticated it,” Gorban explained. “The shift workers saved his life, the puppy had no chance of survival.”

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So while it was technically against the law for the miners to take care of the bear, all things considered, at least this now-not-so-little cub is getting the help he needs and being cared for in a way that suits him best. your circumstances.

(MEET UP the polar bear cub in the Daily Mail video below).

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