OOO-Ing Studio Is The Salon Reinventing Color In Taiwan — Interview

You know an amazing colorist when you see their work on social media. And if the algorithm is in your favor, you may have found yourself double-tapping your way through a world where rich pigments – tangerine, hot pink, arctic blue – are spliced, layered, and zig-zagged on the heads of an equally dynamic set of clientele, under the hands of not one, but two artists who push the possibilities of color to the next level. 

May Ziwang and Wesley Wei met five years ago and have since carved out a technicolor utopia in the Nantun District of Taichung City, Taiwan. Both worked as assistant hairstylists — Ziwang for two years, Wei for four — before venturing out on their own. In 2019, Ziwang opened OOO-ing Studio with her partner, Light, and invited Wei to work with them.

Courtesy of May Ziwang

Their individual portfolios are a cross-blend of deeply nostalgic looks from the Y2K era and a hyper-futuristic society where bright colors are the new neutrals. When Wei colors hair, he likes to keep a bit of new growth visible as a way to celebrate and preserve the beauty of his clients’ natural, jet black hair. Ziwang, on the other hand, likes to play with different blending techniques that accentuate shockingly vivid colors. “I prefer a gradient or block color look,” she tells Allure. “These two techniques make the color less intense and appear more natural.”

For Ziwang and Wei, combining experimental cuts with bright hair dye is the most authentic way to communicate the beautifully complex range of emotions that creatives possess. “Creation needs to go through color in order to express artists’ thoughts because that color is a kind of language,” says Wei. Every color selection is based on the client’s personal style, then reinterpreted through the lens of Ziwang and Wei who are also inspired by film, paintings, and music. The result is a breathtaking presentation that fuels intrigue while looking cool as hell.

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