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One Woman’s Labor of Love Offering

Karma Quilts: A Woman's Labor Offering of Love

April 29, 2021– “In her moving book, My Grandfather’s Blessings, Rachel Remen says,” You don’t need money to be a philanthropist. We all have assets. You can be a friend of life with your own hands. “I am grateful to be able to be a friend of life with my own hands through the making of quilts and prayer shawls.” Jane Jackson is a mother, grandmother, former midwife, writer, and much more. Over the decades, he has made and gifted exquisite keepsake quilts to people who have lost loved ones. In this delicate piece, which includes a beautiful slideshow of her work, she describes the evolution of her prepayment initiative, Karma Quilts, and the mosaic of people, places, and events that shaped her quilting journey. (8 readings)

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To take actionWhat do you find yourself sewing together at this stage of your life? If you are interested in learning more about Karma Quilts and how to join this effort, you can RSVP to join a special circle with Jane here. [more]


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