On Color — and Colorism — In Thailand | Photos

“Vermillion red is an important color in Asian culture. It symbolizes luck, joy, and happiness, and it is kind of like our neutral — we use it to define spaces, on walls, and on ceilings in temples,” says Barose, who recommends pairing Serge Lutens Matte Lipstick in N1 with Srichand Blush of The Day in D07 (a Thai brand you can find on Amazon) and Kate Tokyo Eyeshadow in BR 7. Vatanika top.

Photographed by Wasan Puengprasert

But I’m glad to see some changes here too. Candy Kulchaya won The Face Thailand and is a successful model in Thailand. She is one of the models in this story, along with Dream Passalak. Their golden skin really comes alive with the golden sunlight here. Bold colors look amazing with their dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes. 

My dad had peacocks and parrots as pets and I used to collect their feathers when they fell to the ground. Our garden was lush with frangipani, orchids, lotus, and ylang-ylangs that I would pluck and bring into my room. These memories inspired the looks you see on these pages. I feel lucky to have grown up in Thailand — the colors shaped my sensibilities — and I want darker-skinned Asians to know that their skin is the perfect canvas for all this beautiful color.

Photographer:  Wasan Puengprasert. Fashion stylist: Jirat Subpisankul. Hair: Phoontas Lertmanorat. Makeup: Dilokrit Nick Barose. Location: Courtesy of Riva Arun Bangkok Hotel. Lead image: Tawn-c top.

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