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Of People, Plants and Place

Of people, plants and place

August 26, 2021– “Our ancestors knew the places where they lived: every inch of land, every type of plant, every sign of life. They made use of everything. They were intimately involved with their environment, immersed in the ebb and flow of the seasons. Their attention was anchored in the here and now as they watched with anticipation the gradual emergence of shoots and stems, flowers and fruits, patiently waiting for the moment to collect and take advantage of them. Signs that indicated the presence of plants, animals, birds, and fish they consumed their consciousness. With their senses keen to the immediacy of instinct, they discerned the presence of every animate or inanimate object. In doing so, they themselves were powerfully present. ” What follows is a thoughtful article by seed researcher and baker Col Gordon that delves into the intricate relationships between people, plants, and place. (243 reads)

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To take actionWhat ways have you found to carry out the tasks of “belonging” and “creating culture?
What is Gordon referring to? Are there specific practices or rituals in your life that help you truly know your place? Share them with someone today.


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