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New Solar-Powered Beach-Combing Robot Filters Even Tiny Plastic 30x Faster Than Humans

4Ocean, the guys you may have seen on Instagram selling bracelets made from ocean plastic as a way to finance their ocean cleanup, have enlisted the help of a new and extra special hobo in their land campaign to end ocean plastic pollution.

The electric-powered sand-screening BeBot can clean up to 3,000 square meters or 33,000 square feet of beach per hour, making it 20 to 30 times more efficient than collecting trash by hand.

The machine is agile and easy to maneuver, a clear differentiator from existing options that tend to stem from retired gas-powered farm equipment, making it less suitable for delicate beach jobs.

It excels specifically at removing small pieces of plastic and other debris that are notoriously difficult to clean by hand, using small 1cm x 1cm screening grates to separate these items from the sand.

A pair of triangular tracks gives the BeBot a smaller footprint, while a less than 10cm cleaning depth effectively removes common beach trash and prevents disruptions to nearby habitats or animals, providing a more effective approach. and sustainable for cleanings.

A remote control robot, the beach cleaner can be operated from a distance of up to 950 feet.

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BeBot arises from a marine technology company called Marine fleece, which among many other projects such as robotics, specializes in the construction of aluminum marinas. They build benches of floating solar panels and other aquatic technology like the “mooring star,” which is essentially a giant addition sign that allows nature parks to greatly increase their boat mooring potential while protecting shorelines.

“BeBot has innovative and unprecedented environmental assets” set Claire Touvier, member of the Poralu Marine Environmental Solutions team. “With a unique track system that distributes minimal and equal pressure over the sand, BeBot reduces erosion. This innovative design also helps to preserve biodiversity as it avoids the compression of turtle eggs and any plant ecosystem in the sand ”.

“We are always looking for innovative technology to improve our cleaning capabilities,” said Alex Schultze, co-founder of 4Ocean. “With the launch of BeBot, we can work smarter and more sustainably while reclaiming the plastic that the ocean has already seen and preventing new plastic from arriving.”

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In a statement, 4Ocean revealed that they were on track to remove their twenty million pounds of plastic trash from the ocean, despite having raised sixteen million pounds just a month ago.

This is an increase of more than 100% over the previous 16 months when GNN reported they were “approaching” their eight million pound, a milestone that took them nearly three years to reach.

(LOOK the beach cleaning robot in action below).

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