New Hair Care Products to Try in June 2021 — Reviews, Shop

The unofficial start of summer has commenced, which means that our skin, hair, and makeup routines are shifting to easier, breezier methods. More importantly, the new month means a new batch of beauty products to kick off the season. 

By now, you may already have a warm-weather style plan in place. If not, no worries, that’s what we’re here for. As we get back to being outdoors, you might have started simmering on which beach or brunch hairstyle you want to try, and lucky for all of us, there are plenty of products dropping this month to help fulfill all of your style desires. 

This June, we’re seeing more options for curly hair, at-home dyeing products, and essentials for a smooth and frizz-free wash-and-go. Also on tap: new styling tools, including an infrared blow-dryer that wicks away water without causing heat damage. Those of us who’ve been practicing our kitchen beautician tactics over the last year will appreciate the new hair-color kit that makes bleaching at home easy and safe. And folks with a head full of curly hair, who understand the struggle of gathering it all up in a cool bun, are sure to find the new line of hair accessories made just for curls a godsend. There’s something to meet just about every summer hair need. 

Check back throughout the month for details on other new product launches, including some scalp-care products and a revamp of a beloved curly hair brand. For now, keep scrolling to see the rest of the best new hair-care products to snap up in June.

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