We collected 3 awesome items from Lizzie’s All-natural Products

Today we pleased to present a number of great products. There are a few items in Lizzie’s All-natural Products worth featuring today, so let us get going ASAP!

Number 1 item on the list..

Luxury Body Oil Travel Size Bundle 🤩

This Luxury Body Oil was designed to replenish and moisturize dull and dry skin. Infused with a rich blend of hydrating oils and nourishing vitamins & minerals for the skin, our Luxury Body Oil is ultra-lightweight and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. It promotes a beautiful luminosity and leaves skin feeling silky smooth with an irresistible aroma. 


This Luxury Body Oil Bundle Includes (5) 2 oz. bottles:


-Mango Grapefruit

-Aloe & Green Tea

-Sandy Rose

-Mango Grapefruit

Get your bags packed and keep your skin healthy while you travel. Each body oil is 2 ounce in size and TSA approved size and can go with you anywhere you heart desires. 

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The second product on the list for today is Bug Off Bug Repellent Spray.

Our 100% natural insect repellent is DEET-free and allows you to enjoy the outdoors while avoiding  pesky insects. This repellent is made with a special blend of essential oils without the chemicals & toxins. This spray also helps relieve and soothe itching from bug bites that you may have before using our repellent, it also nourishes & moisturizes the skin. 

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