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My Story of Meeting Rollie Grandbois

Gaining humility: my story of meeting Rollie Grandbois

July 11, 2021– “It was a bright August morning and I had the store to myself. As my wife and I were close, we had passed the place earlier on our way to town. To tell the truth, from the looks of I decided it was best avoided. But this morning, I had decided to go against my quick judgments. Plus, I needed a little break. So, for exercise, I thought about going for a walk and engaging in conversation with strangers when the opportunity presented itself. This took an effort to go. Contrary to my usual tendency. To be honest, the idea of ​​approaching strangers sparked a bit of anxiety. So I thought about starting with a trader. It’s not going so well. ” In this quiet and beautifully written piece, art magazine editor Richard Whittaker shares the story of a day of unexpected encounters and the riches that are sometimes revealed when we retain the conclusion. (65 reads)

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To take actionThe next time you have an instant judgment on someone or something, see if you can summon the curiosity to pass it by and see what there is to discover on the other side.



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