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Motivated by his Children, Man Loses Over 150 Pounds

When you are motivated, it is much easier to create the habits and lifestyle you need to achieve your goals. Robert Glover, aka “The X-Fat Boy Ambassador,” wanted to be healthy to be a good example for his children. As she worked out in the gym and ate more nutritious foods, she saw the pounds begin to disappear. In total, he ended up losing around 150 pounds, transforming both his mind and body.

I knew I had to make some changes after dealing with mental problems and physical health problems. Also motivated by his children, he began to incorporate healthier habits into his life.

“I was depressed. I was dealing with anxiety and I really needed to make a drastic change in my life.”

Of course, making such a dramatic change in her life wasn’t easy, but she stood her ground. He began to pursue a healthy lifestyle and continued to learn more as he progressed. However, at first, he said that he encountered great challenges as he had no idea what he was doing.

I didn’t know anything about good nutrition; I didn’t know anything about exercise, ”he said. “But the more I investigated, the more fit friends I acquired, little by little I began to build my confidence, and it was erasing my ignorance about the weight loss process, specifically about nutrition.”

Robert said it took him about 2-3 months before he noticed any significant changes in his appearance. However, he was thrilled and delighted with his results, which motivated him to keep going. Her children also played a huge role in her desire to improve, she says.

His children motivated him to achieve his weight loss goals.

“The idea of ​​being a good example for my children is what really kept me motivated. I wanted to lead by example. I want my children to take care of their bodies and live healthy lifestyles, and for them to be able to do that, I had to practice what I preach. So this is the number one thing that kept me motivated throughout my trip. “

Even though he had the support and willpower to achieve his goals, he was nevertheless frustrated by the slow process. Sometimes it becomes difficult to stick to a routine if you don’t see results right away. However, through these setbacks, Robert learned the value and importance of consistency and patience.

“The biggest obstacle that got between me and successful weight loss was my lack of patience,” he says. “I tried to do things to speed up the process, I was trying to take shortcuts. I would try fad diets, overtrain, and eat little because I thought this is how the weight loss process accelerates. “

However, he learned the hard way that he couldn’t fool the system. Exercising too hard Eating too little only depleted his energy and damaged his metabolism. So, he decided to focus more on the journey and not the destination, and let his hard work speak for itself. He also learned a lot about nutrition and exercise along the way.

Diet and exercise tips from Robert

“So the key to nutrition success for me was not having such a restrictive diet. I ate a lot of vegetables. He had a high protein diet. But I was still consuming carbohydrates. He still had snacks from time to time. It wasn’t that restrictive. When it was restrictive, that didn’t work for me. When I learned to have a little more balance, that’s when I was able to maintain it. “

Regarding exercise, Robert said that he tried to incorporate things that brought him joy. He wanted his workouts to be fun, not just as a chore. For him, he found that he didn’t like high intensity workouts, so he mostly avoided them. He focused more on staying consistent and truly immersing himself in the exercises.

He says he aimed for 5-6 workouts per week and did not set strict rules on intensity level. For example, some days she just wanted to go for a 20 minute walk, so she listened to her intuition. Other days, however, he felt like increasing the intensity, so he did weight training or cardio for those workouts. Overall, Robert prioritized consistency over anything else, and found that this mindset helped him achieve his goals.

Robert offers some words of wisdom for anyone looking to get motivated to start a weight loss program.

“If you’re trying to lose weight and want to start living a healthier lifestyle, my advice is this: prioritize consistency, focus on being consistent. Do your best to be patient. It takes time. And third, develop good habits. Habits they are the keys to a successful weight loss transformation. Habits are the key to an overall successful life. “

Also, remember what motivated you to lose weight in the first place. At some point, you may start to lose focus and determination when the journey becomes difficult. During those times, you need to remember your “why,” whether it’s to improve your health, give your children a better life, or something else.

Above all, however, make the journey on you and reach your full potential. By becoming your best self, you will inspire others to do the same as well.

Final thoughts: find what motivates you and be consistent

Robert’s incredible weight loss journey proves that you can achieve anything if you create good habits. Nobody likes to exercise or eat healthy in the beginning, but if you stay consistent, it will become second nature. Also, remember to make your journey about self-love rather than mere discipline. It will be difficult for you to stick to an exercise routine that you don’t really enjoy.

While you may get impatient when you hit a plateau, keep in mind that you can’t build a fit body overnight. It takes time to achieve a goal, but all your hard work will pay off in the end.

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