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Mom’s Zoo Photo is Adorably Photobombed by a Stingray With a Remarkable Resemblance to Her Daughter


The photo of a mother was hilariously photographed by a bewildered stingray, with exactly the same face as her young daughter.

Wendy Armstrong, 41, regularly takes her young daughters, 2-year-old Aurora and 6-month-old Daisy, for a day at the Lake District Coast Aquarium in England.

During one visit, Wendy noticed that a stingray was particularly interested in Daisy … and that they both had the same sad facial expression.

Nurse Wendy and her husband, a power plant worker, Mike Armstrong, said Daisy has been a very serious baby.

Workington’s mother-of-two in Cumbria said: “This is definitely one of our favorite photos we have of our children.

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“I took out my phone, and when I saw that they both had the same miserable facial expression, I laughed and took a photo. Fortunately, Daisy is much happier now! “

Thanks for bringing a big smile to so many faces, Daisy.

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