Model Goes Viral on TikTok for Finding the Perfect Red Hair Dye for Brunettes — See Photos

I surely can’t be the only one who wasn’t born a redhead but knows that they should have been, right? No matter how long I let my natural dark-brown hair grow out or try something crazy and new like lime green, I can’t help but think it would look better red — the problem with that is most red hair dyes look best on naturally blonde or pre-lightened hair, which can be super expensive or damaging depending on how that’s done. Canadian model Molly McArthur, however, has found the perfect blend of at-home hair dyes to transform her naturally brunette hair into a light but vivid copper shade. TikTok, naturally, has been begging to know exactly what it is.

After posting a clip of her hair-dyeing process on May 15, McArthur’s comment section blew up with demands to know exactly what she used. Enough so that, on May 19, she revealed the exact shades of dye she uses in a video that has earned more than 1.2 million views and counting. “My hair color is not some big secret,” she laughs in the video. “I started off with virgin brown hair; I had no red in it, I’m not a natural redhead.”

Her in-demand hue, it turns out, is an equal-part mix of Wella Color Charm shades Red Terra Cotta 6R and Light Copper 6RG. In a second video, McArthur clarifies that she uses these dyes with a 20 volume developer (Wella’s Color Charm shades need a developer to work, by the way). She doesn’t lighten her hair with bleach at all, which, to a natural ash brunette such as myself, sounds like a damn miracle.

Here’s the kicker: these colors might not look the same on everyone, depending on what hair color you have and whether or not it’s been colored in the past. (If you’re going to dye your own hair, do tons of research and consult with a trustworthy colorist if you can.) Still, I am now contemplating performing some experiments on my part-virgin, part-dyed hair because it’s pretty easy to see why everyone needed to know all the details about this hair color. 

Wella Color Charm Liquids, $6-8 each, are available from amazon.com.

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