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Midwestern Dad Breaks 31-Year World Record For 1.5 Million Push Ups – All For Charity

Tunnel to the Towers Foundation

For a Wisconsin father of three, being 45 years old “and not getting any younger” hasn’t stopped him from performing 3,000 push-ups while competing in a marathon; running 5,000 more during a 31-mile trail run and (hopefully) scoring a new world record for completing a whopping 1.5 million push-ups in the course of a single year.

When social worker Nate Carroll launched his mission on June 14, 2020, Flag Day, his motivation was twofold. First, he hoped to teach his children a lesson in the power of perseverance by offering a real-time example.

“[I wanted to] show my kids what seemingly impossible goals look like when broken down into manageable daily chunks, ”she said. Fox News.

But in addition to being a positive role model for his children, Carroll also vowed to raise money for a cause he truly believes in: the Tunnel to the Towers Foundation, an organization dedicated to easing the financial burdens on the families of fallen first responders.

With a full-time job and shared parental custody, finding the time during his busy schedule to measure thousands of push-ups per day was one of Carroll’s biggest challenges.

“Setting aside time to do 4,000 push-ups is impossible,” he told the Wisconsin State Journal. “You have to make it a priority and be willing to commit to it and accept the fact that you have to weave that into your day.”

And woven it he did: at work, at home and even while doing housework. Whenever an opportunity presented itself, he would drop and give it his all.

On June 6, Carroll completed the countdown to his record-breaking goal with a special 50-yard halftime ceremony during the 48th annual Fun City Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

“It was an honor to set a new world record here in New York in front of the members of the [New York Police Department, New York Fire Department and Port Authority Police Department] and other first responders, ”Carroll said in a statement issued by the Tunnels to Towers Foundation. “I want this album to pay tribute to the sacrifice made by so many heroes that tragic day.”

Even though he had already broken the previous record for push-ups, Carroll continued to beat his tally as the final week of the competition year progressed.

In order to claim a new Guinness World Record, overthrowing the reigning champion after a career of nearly 32 years, Carroll has been diligently documenting his achievements both in a log book and with time-lapse videos throughout his odyssey. one year.

Tunnel to the Towers Foundation

While waiting for Guinness to verify the victory, he has not lost sight of his original inspiration.

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“Set a goal and stick with it,” he told Fox News. “Make it who you are, not something you do. That way, when the going gets tough and life throws obstacles in your way and gives you convenient excuses to stop or tells you it’s too hard, you’ll find a way to endure, persevere, and move on. Winning those mini-battles every day strengthens and shapes the perspective of what is possible. “

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Symbolizing that with dedication and strength, what falls can rise again, a lizard may well be the perfect metaphor for all that this incredible super dad has accomplished.

(LOOK Tunnels to Towers Foundation video below).

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