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Megan Thee Stallion Wears Color-Blocked Ombrè Wig in Nike Campaign  — See Photos

When Megan Thee Stallion first entered the mainstream rap scene in 2019, she cemented her popularity with her clever rhymes, sickening colorful wigs, and even a catchphrase that’s been used (and abused) into oblivion. In just two years, the rapper has racked up three Grammy Awards, graced several high-profile magazine covers, and even secured a couple of brand campaigns — doing it all while looking fine as hell in true Hot Girl style. In her latest brand campaign, she looks as good as ever in a neon, color-blocked wig that just may inspire the country’s next hair color trend. 

The Texas-bred rapper shared two photos from the Nike x Ambush campaign with her millions of Hottie fans. She squats in a pink-and-black two-piece tracksuit with a pair of neon high-top Nike sneakers while holding a chrome helmet. The multicolored ombré wig was installed by hairstylist Kellon Deryck who styled the hair into three buns at the front of her head. Zoom in and you’ll see the tiny braids surrounding each bun. He took out two ombréd tendrils of hair to frame her face, too.

This is a pretty uniquely colored wig, and we’re hoping that Thee Stallion gives us more views of the unit soon. The ombré wig fades from a platinum blonde into three colors (black, green, pink) at the ends. The tendrils at the front of her face are bright blonde at the roots, but the strand on the left blends into black while the other one is pink at the tips. You can even see the pastel-pink color in the three buns on her head. The second photo in the set shows a shot of the back of the hair where you can see big stripes of neon pink, lime green, and pitch black at the ends. 

To match this edgy wig, makeup artist Priscilla Ono created a gorgeous green cut crease on the Hot Girl Captain. Ono added thick, black, winged eyeliner and a pair of lashes to complete the vibrant eye. The nude pink lip gloss pulls the entire look together. 

By now, it should be pretty clear that we are huge fans of every Megan Thee Stallion beauty moment that crosses our feeds, and this one is no different. We’re super excited to see if anyone decides to try the color-block technique for their next hair color. 

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