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Meet The Howling Dog That Became an Instant Internet Sensation

Ellie is no ordinary dog ​​- this howler dog became a worldwide hit for her powerful voice! Known as Elliehowls, she now has more than 500,000 followers on TikTok and almost 15,000 on Instagram. People can’t get enough of his howling and yelling antics, and we can see why. This is his story.

“I told my then boyfriend, now husband, that I wanted to go to the rescue of the dog just to watch,” said his owner. “I always wanted to go and look at dogs, because I’m obsessed with dogs, but this time it was a little different.”

Love at the first howl

When Ellie’s mom entered the shelter, she immediately saw the adorable puppy. Ellie was the first dog she saw when she walked in, and her mother knew it was fate.

“[She was] in her crib, looking at me with those puppy dog ​​eyes; She was so quiet and calm, and she kind of looked at me, and we both knew it. “

Ellie’s mom said she can’t quite explain it, but they had an instant connection. He felt in his heart that he should take Ellie home. Now, its owner says that “it really is one of the best things that ever happened to me.”

Ellie is not just a howl dog, either; she can also say “I love you!” There is nothing better than hearing those three words from your fluffy friend.

The dog’s full name is Ellie May, and her owner says she howls when she’s happy. That’s where you get your username online, Ellie Howls!

“When it howls, it howls,” says its owner. “She is really a big part of our lives, and she brings a lot of happiness to us and everyone around us.”

Ellie is just a normal, happy, howling dog.

“He loves to do anything outdoors; she just wants to explore and never wants to go inside, ”says her mom. “But when he’s inside, he loves to snuggle up on the couch. She loves being with us and being with us. “

They also have another dog named Gigi who is three years old. She is a Yellow Lab rescue mix that started as a foster but has now become part of the family. She and Ellie go on many adventures together and really enjoy each other’s company. According to Gigi’s Instagram, she growls when she’s happy, which is why her username is Gigigrowls. To each dog his own!

Ellie’s mom says another thing the howler dog loves is swimming. Some dogs wander out of the water, but others like Ellie dive head first and love to get their fur wet.

“His version of swimming is a little different from other dogs,” says his mother. “It stands on its hind legs and splashes with its front legs, and it could do this for hours!”

Not only is this fun to watch, but Ellie seems really happy while “swimming”.

Ellie the howler dog is a lucky puppy indeed.

Ellie is lucky to have found such a wonderful family, but not all rescued dogs are so lucky.

“There are so many dogs in rescue that need loving homes and so many dogs that they may never leave the rescue,” explains the dog’s owner. “It really brings so much joy to know that you can bring one of those dogs into your life and show them love, and they will love you back.”

Adopt rather than buy it is a great way to help an animal in need. There are so many loving dogs to choose from in rescues, and many of them make excellent family pets.

“It’s amazing, and I would encourage anyone who is undecided about it to start out as a foster dog or cat. In that way, you are helping the animal and you may find your animal forever that way. And if you don’t, it can be a big part of your life putting them in someone else’s house, and you can keep doing it until you find the right one. “

Learn more about what makes dogs howl

Howling is just another way for dogs to communicate (and maybe channel your inner wolf)! In addition to barking or screaming, howling gives dogs another means of communication. Some common reasons why dogs howl include:

  • For attention
  • To alert its owner to nearby threats
  • Communicate or make contact with other dogs.
  • Response to high-pitched noises or sounds (such as sirens)

These are some of the positive reasons why dogs howl. However, excessive howling could indicate an underlying condition or a mental problem.

Common worrisome reasons for howling dogs include:

  • Separation anxiety – This occurs when your dog is alone for long periods of time. Howling is often combined with other anxious behaviors such as scratching, walking, or breaking items.
  • Medical Issues – Howling can be your dog’s way of communicating to you that something is wrong. If he starts howling, crying, or screaming more often, you may want to take your dog for a checkup.
  • Sounds – Dogs respond to certain sounds, such as sirens, with howls. It may seem annoying, but it usually stops as soon as the noise wears off.

In conclusion, howling is a primary instinct that dogs have. Since they come from wolves, this makes perfect sense. Some people believe that dogs howl as a sign of boredom or loneliness. Others think they howl for a companion dog or communicate their location with members of the pack. In a way, the howl acts like a “phone call” with other dogs, as sound travels great distances.

Final thoughts: cute howler dog becomes an internet sensation

Not only is Ellie a loving and friendly dog, but her howling habit has earned her many fans! When its owner posts to his Instagram or TikTok page, people can’t help but laugh at his wolf habit. Dogs howl for many reasons, but Ellie’s owner says that for Ellie it is simply a sign of happiness. They also love to imitate their owners when they howl!

Does your dog howl at the moon, mermaids or just because? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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