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Meet a Pair of Golden Retrievers Who Will Brighten Your Day

Have you ever met a Golden Retriever that you didn’t like? We did not believe it! This pair of Golden Retrievers will put an end to all your sorrows and remind you of what makes life beautiful. Dogs add a lot of joy to life and have a way of making everything okay again. Here is the story of Henry and Luke.

They both live in North Carolina with their mom and dad, Anastasia. They have become best friends over the years and make people all over the world smile on a daily basis. Henry is a cream English Golden Retriever, so his coat is much lighter than his brother’s. Luke is a classic American gold, so his coat is the typical tan color. Henry is three and Luke is two.

Golden retrievers weren’t best friends at first

According to their Instagram, it took Henry and Luke around 6 months to get used to each other. Their parents helped them bond by taking them for walks together and giving them toys to play with. Anastasia made sure to allow them some time alone with her and her husband as well. He said they get along great now, but sometimes they still fight like brothers!

“They are absolutely the best of friends, but they are actually very different in terms of their personalities,” says Anastasia. “Henry is our protective watchdog. He’s the crafty one who likes to get in trouble. In general, he is very laid back and loves to snuggle with us on the couch. “

Luke is practically the polar opposite of Henry. He has a lot of energy and is very playful. One of his favorite activities is playing fetch for hours on end. Henry, on the other hand, never seems to want to play fetch! However, their different personalities help to balance each other, and maybe that’s why they get along so well.

“I say we have the best of both worlds.”

Anastasia says that she and her husband don’t have kids yet, so Henry and Luke are her furry kids. They pamper and bathe them in love, and their dogs follow them wherever they go. Anastasia says she can’t even go to the bathroom without one of dogs following her! They can’t bear to be separated from their parents for even a second.

These golden retrievers give love to their family

“It is a very special, pure and unconditional love that we have for them. I didn’t really understand what that was like as they are my first dogs that I have ever owned. They have taught me to be in the moment and, you know, don’t stress, go with the flow. “

Dogs have a way of teaching us those important life lessons. While most of us worry about the trivial matters of life, dogs seem to simply be grounded in the present. We can go back to enjoying the simple things with them and remember not to let life bury our happiness. Golden Retrievers are some of the best dogs to learn from, as they always seem happy and carefree!

Perhaps their affectionate, fun and playful demeanor makes them one of the most popular dogs in the world. They make wonderful family pets and can easily adapt to any situation. They will also help you get in shape as they need tons of exercise to burn off all that energy!

Some of her favorite activities include walking on the beach, taking nature walks, and swimming in the backyard pool. They also enjoy being lazy on the couch and eating snacks that their parents give them (like the puppacinos at Starbucks!). The Golden Retrievers couple lives life to the fullest and brings so much happiness to their parents. From their images, they seem to have an endless supply of love to offer.

Final thoughts on these fabulous golden retrievers

“It is amazing how beneficial dogs are to your mental health. Especially these last few months in quarantine, it’s been great to have them there, giving them that comfort. “

However, Henry and Luke not only help their mom and dad, they seem to have an impact on many people around the world.

“It’s amazing not only to see the joy they bring us, but also the joy they bring to so many people. I get messages on their Instagram from people all over the world telling me that Henry and Luke just make their day and make them smile, ”says Anastasia. “That makes me happy, to be able to transmit that joy to others because they definitely wake me up when I have a bad day.”

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and you won’t find more loyal dog than a Golden Retriever. They are smart, sweet, easy to get along with, and have a lot of playful energy. While they can lose a lot, it is a small price to pay for unconditional love. We hope her story made you smile! Whatever happens in the world, at least we have dogs to keep our hearts full.

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