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McDonald’s Gives a New Car—And Golden Arches—to Family Whose Autistic Son Draws Them Continuously

The owners of a Florida McDonald’s restaurant have given incredible Christmas cheer to a local family whose 15-year-old autistic son has been prolifically drawing the golden arches since he was a child.

Tim and Tracy Johnstone met Devon two years ago after Hurricane Michael destroyed their McDonald’s building in Panama City.

Devon’s mother, Tiffany Winters, had posted on social media asking if anyone could retrieve the famous “golden bows” from the storm debris to give to her son.

“When we learned about Devon’s history and his love of the golden arches, we knew we had to do something special for him and his family,” said McDonald’s owner / operators Tim and Tracy Johnstone, owners of seven restaurants, four in Panama City.

Not only did they deliver the iconic golden arch signage that was saved from the rubble, but they also took Devon to his local McDonald’s to experience being an employee for a day.

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“Our team felt a lot of emotions after Hurricane Michael two years ago, and being able to change that fear and pain when the golden arches fell and turn that into a celebration for such a deserving child makes this really special for us,” Tracy said.

So they kept in touch with the teenager and wanted his vacation to be super special this year, “like that day.”

On Wednesday, the restaurant owners surprised relatives, who live 40 miles from any town, with a much-needed new car. The vehicle will ensure that Devon can attend school and any medical or therapy visits.

“This is way beyond that,” said Brent Winters, Devon’s father. “Receiving a car in a real time of need is going to change our lives.”

There were also gifts for Devon, including many art supplies. Watch a video of local news coverage here.

“In a year of unprecedented challenges, we are reminded how an act of kindness can lift each other up,” said Johnstone. “It was truly a great honor to see Devon’s face light up when he saw his gifts, and knowing that we could help him and his family is everything.”

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“You hear all the negativity in the world. You don’t hear much of the good news, ”added Brent. “So it’s good to be a part of one.”

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