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Maverick Gets 40 mpg and Starts at $19,995


The ink barely dries, so to speak, on the latest ad for an electric Ford F-150 and already the automaker has launched another option to satisfy another portion of the huge market share of American truck buyers.

The latest green offering from the Blue Oval is the new Ford Maverick, a hybrid that starts at just $ 19,995, about half the price of the Lighting F-150.

The hybrid kit consists of a 162-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a 126-hp permanent magnet electric motor that together can provide 255 pounds. feet of torque and nearly 200 hp to the front wheels. This standard configuration allows 2,000 pounds. towing max, 1,500 max payload, but 40 city mpg.

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Ford’s EcoBoost option can be installed for another $ 1,000 to bring these stats up to 250 hp at 4,000 pounds. towing capacity.

New construction methods allowed Ford to build a chassis that is three feet shorter than the F-150, significantly reducing blind spots, while a tailgate that sits 30 inches off the ground should allow shorter people to carry the 33-foot platform. cubic with little difficulty.

The bed is designed to fit frequently used building essentials such as 4×8. Inside are 12-volt power outlets, which can be upgraded to 110-volts, and slots that owners can insert wooden beams into to act as dividers to keep loose cargo more secure.

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Inside the cabin, a variety of triangular cubicles contain different accessory configurations, such as additional cup holders or phone charging stations, for which Ford has 3D printing plans. They are offering to share these plans with any customer who wants them to 3D print their own triangular modules.

“Maverick challenges the status quo and stereotypes of what a truck can be,” said Todd Eckert, marketing manager for Ford Truck Group, according to CNN. “We think it will appeal to many people who have never considered a truck before.”

Pre-orders are available now, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in the fall.

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