Martha Stewart Mastered the Perfect Tousled Beach Waves for Summer — See Photos

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m tryin’ to be like miss Martha Stewart this summer: Wealthy, unbothered, and beautiful. Sadly, the first two probably won’t ever happen (I’m a journalist and a Virgo… oof). I can, however, do number three, especially if I just copy the homemaking mogul’s latest hairstyle. On May 20, Stewart shared a few snapshots of herself getting ready for a charity benefit, and we’re all just going to have to take a minute to discuss her hair. 

“No I am not drinking everything on the bar,” Stewart jokes in the caption of one photo, catching her kissy-faced reflection in the mirror of a bar cart. While the idea of her cracking into every expensive liquor bottle on that shelf is entertaining enough in itself, the real eye-catchers here are her beachy, blonde waves, which are just tousled enough to look intentionally disheveled — like she literally dipped her head into the ocean and let the salty water shape her hair naturally.

Because she’s a wine of the finest variety, Stewart paired the modern hairstyle with old-fashioned glam including nude lipstick, a rim of dark eyeliner, massive pearls, and a low-cut, shimmering gold burlap throw. The outfit, naturally, is designer and would cost any average person more than their monthly rent — but that hair is much easier to emulate at home. Just grab a flatiron and your favorite texturizing spray and you’re good to go. 

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Now, see Martha Stewart’s 10-minute morning routine:

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