ManiMe Stick-On Gel Manicure Designs Review

I open beauty products all day long for work so chipped nails were my signature look until I tried these custom-fitted gel nail stickers.  I uploaded a few photos of my nails to the ManiMe site, selected a butterfly design (called Spread Your Wings), and a week later a 15 pack of 3D printed nail stickers arrived at my door. There were five extras in case I botched the application. (I’ve also tried – and loved – the 70s-inspired flower design below.)  

The stickers were custom-printed to fit my nails. And even though they were a little long on my index fingers, I could easily file away the excess. And overall, sticking them onto my nails was a breeze, and voila: My nails looked as though I had just sat through a two-hour nail art manicure session, and it took me less than ten minutes to apply the stickers.

The more I learn about ManiMe, the more it impresses me: The manicure stickers even won an Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award for their innovative technology. Here’s how it works: You upload photos of your nails to its site, and then ManiMe creates a three-dimensional mathematical representation of them and prints gel stickers to fit your nails exactly. (If they are not a perfect fit, you can ask ManiMe’s Care Team to adjust the fit on future orders.) And the stickers themselves are actually made of real gel polish. I’ve tried a handful of designs, and love how they last up to two weeks without chipping. 

Now tI have to admit, the thought of putting my hands underwater or washing my curly hair with the stickers on did give me pause. But I had no lifting or bubbling after putting my hands in water. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my manicures, and jaw drops when I reply, “thank you, they’re gel stick ons’!” 

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