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Madrid is Planting a Huge Forest Ring Around the City to Lower Heat Levels and Cut CO2 Emissions

Whether you’re from the US and you call it “Beltway” or Europe and call it “Ring road”, Madrid will soon call it the “greenway” as the Spanish capital aims to combat the heat island of his city. surrounding itself by a green sea.

Gran Via in Madrid by Felipe Gabaldón, CC license

His urban forest project will involve planting nearly half a million trees in a 46 mile (75 km) perimeter around the city. When the trees have reached maturity, they should absorb around 175,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Black pine, beech, Spanish juniper and various oak species can be found in the arid environment of Spain where the Spanish capital is located, and it is these indigenous trees that require little water or specialized soil conditions that will constitute the new forest.

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“What we want to do is improve air quality throughout the city, combat the ‘heat island’ effect that is occurring within the city, absorb the greenhouse effect emissions generated by the city, and connect all the existing forest stands. that already exist in the city, ”said Mariano Fuentes. Euronews.

As Madrid City Councilor for the Environment and Urban Development, Fuentes explained that for cities that emit three-quarters of all man-made CO2, which tend to absorb much more heat and poor air than the surrounding countryside, methods to combat climate change and environmental degradation in general. needs to be varied.

“It has to be a global strategy,” Fuentes added. “It is not just about cars, but also about a pedestrianization strategy, the creation of environmental corridors in each district … and above all … to involve citizens in this new green culture, it is essential that each city faces the near future in the best conditions. “

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Experts assured journalists that “it is not a park”, but certainly for nature lovers from Madrid, it will be a place of respite, shade and habitat for birds that will work day and night to absorb excess heat and clean the air from the mega-European. -city.

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