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MAC’s Iconic Ruby Woo Lipstick Is Now in New Textures With Ruby’s Crew | Photos, Review

The year 1999 not only blessed us with the births of Hunter Schafer, Lil Nas X, and NCT’s Mark Lee but also Ruby Woo. Throughout its 22 years in the beauty world, MAC’s most iconic, best-selling red lipstick shade has maintained consistent fanfare — racking up a long list of celebrity devotees, including Rihanna, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Rosalía, and countless Readers’ Choice Awards and Best of Beauty Awards — by being universally flattering and incredibly versatile. The blue-toned cherry has been dressed up for special occasions and star collaborations along the way too. Now, Ruby Woo is about to be the center of attention for MAC’s newest lipstick line: Ruby’s Crew. 

MAC is about to launch its beloved red in three new formulas — all in coordinating crimson tubes with their shade names in a fun font. “Since launching, we have received tons of requests from our fans for more of Ruby Woo and as their wishes peaked, we started the work to expand this shade into our other iconic MAC lip products,” Aïda Moudachirou-Rébois, the chief marketing officer of MAC, tells Allure. “We knew that if we were going to expand Ruby Woo, we had to make the launch as iconic as the shade itself.”

And if you ask Allure‘s senior commerce writer Sarah Han, the updated packaging is a serotonin booster every time she reaches for it in her makeup bag. “It makes Ruby Woo stand out even more than the classic black packaging, which is a vibe, too,” she says. “This is one of those sequels done right.” I can’t help but agree with her sentiments. 

The original Ruby Woo has long been featured in MAC’s Retro Matte Lipstick format. Makeup artists have swiped it on for a potent, full-coverage scarlet lip look or buffed it out for a popsicle-like stain. The new textures are just as adaptable. All of them are delightfully matte, though, to spotlight just how popular the finish is — especially in Asia lately, Moudachirou-Rébois points out. Let’s dive into each of them, shall we? 

Ruby Phew! ($24) 

Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor 

Allure; MAC

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