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Love is the Last Word

Love is the last word

May 21, 2021– “To understand anything – another person’s experience of reality, another fundamental law of physics – is to restructure our existing knowledge, changing and expanding our previous frames of reference to accommodate a new consciousness. And yet we have a habit of confuse our knowledge, which is always limited and incomplete: a model of the cathedral of reality, built from blocks of fact of primary colors, with the actuality of things; we have the habit of confusing the model with the thing itself, confusing our partial awareness for full understanding. Thoreau recognized this when he contemplated our blinding preconceptions and lamented that “we only hear and apprehend what we already half-know.” Generations after Thoreau and generations before neuroscience began to illuminate the blind spots consciousness, Aldous Huxley (July 26, 1894, November 22, 1963) explored this timeless co nfusion of concepts in ‘Knowledge and understanding’ … “Maria Popova shares more. (69 reads)

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To take actionWhat helps you to illuminate the blind spots of consciousness in your own being?


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