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Long-Lost Sisters Reunite And Discover Their Tattoos, Jobs, and Hobbies Match Exactly


A woman who had a DNA test found a secret sister who looks exactly like her, shares the same hobbies and work, and even has a matching tattoo.

Victoria Voorhees, 27, knew she had been adopted and took home a 23 & Me DNA test kit to find out a little more about her Hispanic heritage and genetic makeup.

He was surprised when the results revealed that he had a sister and sent him a photo of a woman who looked like her.

Victoria, who was adopted when she was two months old, always dreamed of having an older brother.

But she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her sister’s photo for the first time: “At first I thought there was no way, I didn’t think it was possible, and maybe they found someone who has some similarities with me. but now I know that’s not how it works. “

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She texted her sister via the 23 & Me app, as well as a cousin she’d been paired with, and ran home to tell her parents.

Alyss Ravae and Victoria, 28, chatted and then joined a call with their biological mother for the first time. “I showed her some pictures of me growing up with my adoptive parents,” Victoria says, “and she was happy but still crying!

Alyss says of her sister: “We live very parallel lives even though they gave us very different situations.”

It’s not just their mutual love for Halloween, from Stephen King, from That Y The glow—That fascinated him; They both have bat tattoos, on opposite feet but on the same part of the ankle.

Alyss said, “When you sent me that [tattoo] image literally dropped my phone “.

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They both also own cats and make and sell pet portraits online.

Victoria said, “We both like hiking trails too, I’m going to show you all the interesting ones around here. [in Chicago]! “

(WATCH all those common traits in this TikTok video below.)

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