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Lizzo Wears Stiletto-Shaped Jade Manicure With Gold Calligraphy — See Photos

When Lizzo gets her nails done, she doesn’t ever ask for a solid base color in red or nude or black as many of us mere mortals do. No, no — a talent like hers requires the eye-catching nails to match, obviously. We already knew this, of course (see: her chocolate-scented nail polish, her retro, swirled nail art, her election-themed lettering, the list goes on…). But the singer has truly outdone herself in the nail department, this time with a jade manicure that combines multiple long-lasting trends into one. 

On July 21, Lizzo posted a snapshot of her most recent manicure to Instagram, captioned, “THESE ARE THE MOTHERFUCKIN NEW NAILS.” She tagged her go-to nail artist, Eri Ishizu, who is responsible for the look and just about all of Lizzo’s other outstanding nail moments. 

The manicure itself features stiletto-shaped nails with pastel-green nail hues that are blended to mimic jade stones — from far, away, there also appear to be some small gold foil details near the tips and bases of each nail. If that weren’t enough flair in one manicure, Ishizu also placed gold letting in the center of each nail — it all spells out “SOUF WEST.”

Way back at the end of 2020, some of Allure‘s favorite nail artists predicted that personalized lettering and muted shades — like jade green — would be trending throughout all of 2021. If Lizzo’s manicure is anything to go, those nail artists must’ve been having some sort of psychic vision back then because they were certainly correct. Combine those with the stiletto shape’s unwavering rise in popularity (hell, even Machine Gun Kelly is wearing them) and you’ve gone one hell of an on-trend manicure.

The question is now, what will Lizzo and Ishizu pull out of their bags of trends next? 3D water droplets? Transparent tips? Nail piercings? Whatever it is, we’ll likely be copying it. 

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