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Lizzo Debuts New Light Brown Hair Color in Selfie — See Photo

Lizzo‘s vibrant and charismatic energy is always on display in the many videos and photos she shares with fans. The recently appointed Dove ambassador constantly inspires us to embrace and love ourselves with beautiful affirmations, breathtaking photo shoots, and a good booty-bouncing video from time to time. In her latest Instagram post, the singer-songwriter revealed that she gave herself a brand-new dye job, all in the name of self-care.  

Her carousel post of the new look has gotten lots of love with over 1.5 million likes and counting. Her cute natural curls are styled simply into two puffs at the top of her head, and she’s wearing a face of dewy, glowy, natural-looking makeup. In the caption, she gets a little vulnerable and sends love to Black girls everywhere. 

“Hi. I felt helpless today. I changed my hair color and did my makeup and made funny faces to make myself laugh,” it reads. “It’s the least I could do. If you haven’t done anything nice for yourself today this is your sign to find a light. Black girls, I love you. We deserve to be protected and loved.”

Lizzo’s natural dark brown hair color is now lighter, fading from a medium brown to a caramel hue at the tips. This is a rare appearance for Lizzo’s natural hair as the star is usually in a lengthy wig, protective style, or printed headscarf. 

As for the makeup, she created a natural-looking, glowy base with freckles on her nose and cheeks and a bit of brown lipstick to finish it off. Swipe left on the post and you can see her posing strategically to show off her coffin-shaped nails, which boast a gorgeous brown marbled pattern.

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