Lizzo and Cardi B’s “Rumors” Music Video Has So Many Beauty Details You May Have Missed

It’s official: The internet is broken again. The culprits this time are Lizzo and Cardi B who transformed into glowy Grecian goddesses for their “Rumors” music video that was released at midnight on August 13. The duo reimagined the legendary Muses from Hercules with shimmery gold makeup, avant-garde brow looks, and braided hairstyles that are so long they put Ariana Grande’s ponytails to shame. But if you were too busy watching in amazement to notice, we’ve compiled all the wonderful beauty moments you may have missed.

The Perfectly Placed Highlighter

Honestly, where do you even began with a music video like this? There’s so much to obsess over, but let’s start with the glowy makeup, which was painted on by makeup artist Alexx Mayo using Charlotte Tilbury products. Glistening gold pigments are clearly the star here. For the first look, Lizzo appears on a ceramic jar with a brilliant gold highlight that matches her golden dress and headdress. Mayo blended the limited-edition Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Star Highlighter and Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand in Goldgasm onto her cheeks to create the glow. 

Courtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Music

The Extra-High Cut Crease

Her shimmery eye makeup isn’t super visible until the next scene but it’s truly epic. On the base of her lids, Mayo blended out a few black and gray hues to create a smoky effect. There’s a sharp black wing right on her lid and below her waterline creating a dramatic effect. Above the black-winged liner, Mayo painted on Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerize cream eye shadow in Champagne as if he were cutting her crease but it extends upwards to the temples. With the creamy pigment, he drew on another line that extends from her inner crease up towards her brows, which appear to be completely nonexistent. Which brings us to…

The Tiniest ’90s Brows

On June 28, Lizzo officially joined the bleached eyebrows club, so that’s why her brows appear to be invisible. Instead, Mayo drew on a faint brown line around where her brows would be (you can see some faint blonde hairs in the picture below). The gold pigment that sits at the end of her bleached brows takes the look to the next level. 

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