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Live a Life Worth Living

Live a life worth living

August 3, 2021– “On March 19, 2018, almost five years after being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, Julie Yip-Williams, 38, died, leaving behind a husband and two daughters. Her early years were nothing. Born blind in Vietnam, at two months old she was almost euthanized on the orders of a grandmother who deemed her defective; years later, as an older girl, she sailed to Hong Kong with her family and hundreds of other refugees in search of .of a more peaceful life, and eventually settled in the USA, where her life drastically improved. Soon, a surgeon gave her partial insight, she studied at Harvard, and became a successful lawyer, but then to In her early thirties, she was struck down by the disease that would kill her. It was then that she began writing what would become a posthumously published memoir, The Unwinding of the Miracle. In July 2017, a year before her passing, Yip-Williams wrote the following letter to his young daughters. ” (35 readings)

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To take actionRead an excerpt from “Unwinding of the Miracle” here. [more]


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