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Lingerie Brand La Perla Launches Beauty Collection — Photos, Interview

I stand very confidently behind my belief that lingerie doesn’t have to be worn just for a partner. Sex or no sex, there’s nothing like the luxurious slip of a silky camisole against the skin or the image of one’s self wrapped up like a present in lace (or latex, or leather, or whatever you’re into). Wearing a tantalizing get-up can be just as titillating when you’re entirely alone. La Perla, one of the world’s most notable intimates brands, has infused that very thrill into its own cosmetics collection called La Perla Beauty. So, starting soon, you’ll be able to take that fancy, risqué feeling with you wherever you go. 

The collection, available in the United States starting July, includes four body-care products, nine fragrances, and five makeup products for the lips and eyes. As you can imagine, they’re pretty damn luxurious in terms of packaging and formula. As La Perla Beauty’s formulator, Les Smith, tells Allure, that’s because the brand has intensely high ingredient standards. “Our ultra prestige position gives us the flexibility to use the highest quality of materials,” he explains. We’ll get more into that in a minute.

But for now, see a breakdown of the full La Perla Beauty line, below.


La Perla Beauty Soothing Bath & Shower Oil

La Perla Beauty Nourishing Body Balm

La Perla Beauty Firming Body Lotion Serum

La Perla Beauty Energizing Salts & Oil Body Scrub

La Perla’s body-care items — including a shower oil, body scrub, body serum, and cream — bring some heavy hitters to the plate when it comes to skin-care ingredients. For example, the Nourishing Body Balm features a silky combination of coconut oil and shea butter, meanwhile, jojoba oil gives the Soothing Bath & Shower Oil its moisturizing feel.

They all share one common thread, as Smith highlights. “We have skin-care products enriched with prebiotic materials, which provide significant skin benefits,” he says. Prebiotics, if you don’t know, encourage the growth of certain bacteria strains (don’t worry, only the good ones). 

As New York City board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe previously explained to Allure, “some prebiotics encourage specific healthy strains of bacteria, and others increase the diversity of the bacteria on your skin, which is really important. When you remove that diversity, that’s when you see problems like rosacea, acne, fine lines, and discoloration.”

All that scientific stuff aside, you can’t deny the curb appeal of that frilly, hyper-detailed packaging (which are all refillable, by the way).


La Perla Beauty Signature

If there’s one product Smith could put above all the others, it’s the brand’s “striking” new signature fragrance, La Perla. A bright yet devilish blend of citrus, violet, and neroli, it reveals multiple olfactory layers as the hours pass. “The profile of this fragrance is perfect from the initial impact, noticeability, sillage — or its trail — and long lastingness,” Smith boasts. With that glossy black bottle and round, pearlescent cap, the connection of the fragrance to the brand’s best-selling lingerie is clear as day.

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