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LFW Fall 2021’s Best Hair and Makeup Moments — Photos

London Fashion Week, for the first time ever, won’t have in-person audiences. Even when models walked down the runway set up at Tate Modern, not a spectator was in sight. Everyone was watching the floral-faced ladies strut from the comfort of their couches. (With this freezing weather, it’s almost a welcome change.)

But as you may have gleaned from that last sentences, the hair and makeup at LFW are just as experimental and exciting as every season that has come before fall 2021. These looks at Vivienne Westwood, Bora Aksu, and Matty Bovan — just to name a few — are packing the exact level of playfulness we need during this difficult time to encourage us to go beyond our comfort zones with beauty. 

Go grab some flowers, colorful liners, and your favorite pigmented blush — you’re going to need these fun supplies to recreate the beauty moments you’re about to feast your eyes on. 

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