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Learning from Navajo Nation’s Generosity in a Pandemic

Learning from the Navajo Nation's Generosity in a Pandemic

May 11, 2021– “Last year, the Irish people raised nearly $ 2 million for the Navajo and Hopi nations to protect themselves from the pandemic. At that time, the infection rate in the Navajo community (2,304 cases per 100,000) was as high as highest in the country It was a token of appreciation to Native Americans for a $ 170 gift sent by the Choctaws to the Irish people at the height of the potato famine in 1847. These past weeks, when COVID set fire to the India in a deep wave, the Navajo Nation continued the cycle of generosity by gathering PPE to ship to India through the Indian Embassy in Washington, DC This may sound like a nice story about pandemic generosity. And it is. But there is another. Perspective … “This thoughtful NPR article highlights the urgent need for strong social safety nets and for those in power to insist on global solidarity and equity in health care. (9 readings)

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To take actionLearn more about the Heal Initiative’s inspiring work at the Navajo Nation here. [more]


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