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Khloé Kardashian Just Convinced Us to Go Platinum Blonde for Fall – See Photo

Once again, Khloé Kardashian is urging us all to try one of this fall’s biggest hair color trends. In the last week of August, KoKo sported some shadow roots in an announcement for the clothing line she co-founded, Good American. Now, the reality star is donning another one of the trends colorists Allure has spoken to say has been highly requested this season: “just-from-the salon blonde.”

She shared her new platinum blonde mane in an Instagram post on Thursday, September 16. Even though it’s obvious that a bright light is shining on her, her hair still looks very blonde. Kardashian also revealed the glam team behind her latest hair color transformation, which included her go-to hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons and colorist Tracey Cunningham

Both Cunningham and Fitzsimons shared some photos of the look via Instagram, but Cunningham also provided a breakdown of the products she used to get KoKo’s hair platinum blonde. The lineup consisted of one of Redken’s Flash Lift products (Cunningham is a Redken partner), some Olaplex before adding color (Cunningham is also an Olaplex partner), and Redken’s Shades 010 N on the hairline’s roots. 

If you’re considering going platinum blonde like KoKo this fall, always make sure to schedule a consultation with a colorist, especially if your natural color is dark like hers, to discuss everything that’ll go into the upkeep of so much bleach. On the flip side, if you’re already blonde, “just-from-the-salon blonde” is a relatively low-maintenance hair color option for the season. As Sydney, Australia-based colorist Kate Reid previously told Allure, folks with medium to fine hair would also fare well with this color because “[blonde] helps to create thickness in the hair.” Besides, blondes do have more fun, right? Now, to the salon!

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