K-pop Group Oh My Girl Talks Latest Single “Dun Dun Dance” and Shares Best Career Beauty Moments | Interview

YOOA: I really believe that your skin will be healthy if your body is healthy. I’ve been regularly drinking olive oil in the morning, which I feel has improved the appearance and hydration of my skin.

ARIN: I realized that my hair retains more volume when I wash my hair in the morning, before styling, as opposed to washing it the night before. My makeup tip is that your skin will not be as stressed if you apply your base/foundation on your cheeks and the bottom half of your face last. So apply your base to the upper half (nose and above) of your face and do your eye makeup, and then finish off your base on the cheeks and the bottom half of your face.

Allure: Finally, looking to the future, are there any concepts or beauty trends you haven’t tried yet, but would like to explore?

ARIN: I want to try a colorful graphic eyeliner look! Or even a makeup look inspired by the ’80s. I also think it would be cool to perform “Dun Dun Dance” with ’80s-style makeup.

JIHO: I’m also really into ’70s and ’80s style these days so I want to try doing a photo shoot completely based on a retro-inspired theme. I really think that fashion during those eras was extremely captivating. I also want to explore vintage styling for a future concept of ours.

MIMI: I want to try cutting my hair down to a short bob someday. I think that will require a comeback concept that fits that hairstyle, so I’m waiting for the right moment to style my hair like that.

BINNIE: I’ve been wanting to try a bright, tropical-like hair color! I also can’t wait until I grow out my hair a bit more so I can style my hair in different braids.

SEUNGHEE: I don’t really have a particular look or trend in mind but I would love to try a chic or minimalistic concept. Maybe one day we can try a concept that blends both chic and minimalistic [elements].

While we all wait for the universe — and the ladies of OH MY GIRL themselves — to manifest these looks or album concepts into reality, I’ll be rewatching this gorgeous “Dun Dun Dance” music video until further notice and dreaming about the day I can finally visit Jeju island myself. 

These interviews have been condensed and edited for clarity.

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