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Juice Bar Workers Were Shocked By a New Year’s-Themed Tip of $2021 – And Assumed it Was a Mistake


The staff at a Miami juice bar just got the surprise of their lives when a customer tipped $ 2,021 for the new year.

The generous customer ordered $ 71.84 worth of products. The tip you left on Friday? Well, that equates to a 2,814% tip.

When the staff received the bill from the regular customer, they thought the tip must really mean ‘$ 20.21’.

Kelly Amar, owner of Miami Squeeze, said CNN that his employees approached the customer to confirm. “I am very grateful for you,” explained the regular, “and I want to give back … I want to start the new year well and give this to you.”

The 25 members of the cafe’s staff will divide the tip equally among themselves.

Amar has been very grateful for the data because, when the pandemic struck, coffee, which has been a fixture in North Miami Beach for three decades, had to lay off many of its employees. It was a difficult time.

PLUS: The customer buys beer and toasts the staff with a tip of $ 3000, as the restaurant closes the doors voluntarily during COVID

Now, however, the business has almost returned to pre-covid levels, with Amar telling CNN: “2020 is over and 2021 is off to a good start so far!”

Featured Image: @ MiamiSqueeze / Instagram

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