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Jennifer Lopez Wears Intricate Updo Hairstyle and Bejeweled Headband — See Photo

Jennifer Lopez was just living her best life in Venice, Italy. Then again, isn’t she always living her best life? The singer and founder of JLo Beauty took to the historic city famous for its canals to attend Dolce & Gabbana’s three days of fashion events from Saturday, August 28 to Monday, August 30. 

After the Alta Moda show that was held in the city’s St. Mark’s Square, Lopez posted several photos and videos to her Instagram grid to show off her glam for the occasion on Sunday, August 29. She wore a long, majestic cape that dropped to the floor paired with a colorful bejeweled crop top and floral-printed pants. Her elaborate outfit wasn’t the only thing giving off all the regal vibes, though. 

Hairstylist Chris Appleton created an intricately woven bun featuring an ornate headband that resembled a princess tiara. The headband features several arrangements of jewels along with some floral motifs. We’re not sure what kinds of jewels adorned her headband, but from the looks of it, there are a probably a few diamonds in there. So her hair was pretty much a walking masterpiece straight out of a museum. Fitting, though, considering Venice was once home to many of history’s most famous artists.  

We’ve definitely seen updos on Lopez before, but this one just hits different. Many of her fans also recognized how she looks like a queen. On one of her posts, one fan commented, “The category is royalty!!” Until we can get our hands on a headband as beautifully crafted as Lopez’s, we’ll be sitting here daydreaming about basking under the Italian sun on a gondola in Venice. Ciao, for now!

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