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Jennifer Lopez Somehow Makes Her Messy Hair and Baseball Hat Look Chic — See Photo

Do you think Jennifer Lopez has ever heard of the phrase “bad hair day?” She clearly doesn’t understand the meaning first-hand, because I don’t think she’s ever had one. Seriously, just take a flip through some of her most recent hair triumphs: curtain bangs, a retro half ponytail, and I can’t forget those blindingly shiny waves from the Presidential inauguration. 

On June 10, the singer/actor/beauty mogul/et cetera shared yet another hairstyle for folks to save to their Pinterest boards while teasing a look from an upcoming music video. In her most recent Instagram post, Lopez posts in the passenger seat of a car with one hand braced behind her head and giving her signature sultry gaze right into the camera. Her long, caramel-colored hair seems intentionally disheveled (probably from driving with the top down) and is topped off with a faded red Coca-Cola baseball hat. As usual, she looks… well, totally hot.

Of course, anything Lopez wears on her body or her face or in her hair is going to look fantastic, but seriously, how the hell is she pulling this look off? When I put a baseball hat on top of my hair while it’s down, it just creates a weird poofy look, and then I have to put my hair in a bun and I end up looking like my middle-aged dad on a golf course. 

So I reiterate: Jennifer Lopez has never had a bad hair day. Maybe one day she’ll prove me wrong on that front…. Ha, OK, that’s never happening. 

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