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Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Birthday On a Yacht with Messy Bun Hairstyle — See Photos

There are people who go all out for their birthday with a house party and a cake, and then there’s Jennifer Lopez. The multi-hyphenate just turned 52 — 52, y’all! — and celebrated the occasion on a yacht decked out in what is no doubt a designer bikini, jewelry, hat, sunglasses, shoes, and brightly patterned cover-up. Of course, it’s her messy bun hairstyle that caught our attention the most among of all this. She documented it all with a slideshow of photos and a video post to Instagram on July 25 (side note: of course Lopez is a Leo).

Most importantly, this occasion marks the triumphant, Instagram-official return of Bennifer, the Jennifer-Lopez/Ben Affleck combination that dominated headlines all the way back in the early 2000s. They’ve been spotted out in public together quite a few times in recent weeks, so we already kind of knew they were back on — but the photo of them fully Frenching on this boat being posted to the official Jlo Instagram feed leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind: Bennifer is back, baby. 

But anyway, back to that hair. Lopez evidently holds the secret key to making laid-back hairstyles look red-carpet-ready — or, we guess in this case, yacht-ready (case in point: the waves and baseball cap she wore in one of her recent music videos). This messy bun seems to be loosely twisted up and held in place with a large clip, leaving a few strands sticking out in the back and her face-framing bangs hanging in front. 

However it was styled, there’s no denying Lopez could make it look good in any setting — especially her own special day.

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