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It’s Not Vain to Care About Losing Your Hair After Cancer Treatment

For people who‘ve undergone treatments for cancer, hair loss is a common but nevertheless stressful side effect. And, contrary to popular belief, the hard part isn’t over when your hair starts to return. Here, survivor Laila Roudsari opens up about the hair changes she experienced. This story is part of our series on women’s experiences with cancer & hair loss.

Name: Laila Roudsari (@2sweaterpuppies)
Location: Durham, North Carolina
Age: 30
Profession: Scientist, cancer and regenerative medicine 
Diagnosis: Breast cancer, diagnosed at 28

My hair started growing back after treatment; I noticed it a couple of weeks after finishing chemotherapy. My hair was always long before treatment and my goal is to get it back to having that, but for now, I am trying to enjoy having it short. I have my days where I really like it short and others where I just wish it was long again. I’ve gotten a total of two trims: The first one was about six months into the grow-out phase because it started looking uneven. The second one was a trim at the back to even out the shorter top.

I had wavy hair before that came back extremely curly. It’s still very curly at the ends from the initial growth, but the roots are starting to come in straight-wavy. My hair was very soft as it grew back — many people said it felt like baby hair. It’s more coarse now as it continues to grow.

Courtesy of Laila Roudsari

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