We found some neat items from Seeds Now

Hooray! we pleased to share some really neat products. There are several items in Seeds Now worth featuring today, so let us get moving as soon as possible!

Firstly on the list
Pepper – Habanero Lemon

Pepper (HOT!), Habanero Lemon (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • The Lemon Habanero pepper plant produces great yields of 2″ x 1″ wide hot peppers. – The peppers are hot in flavor. – Turns from a dark green color to a bright lemon yellow since it matures. 
  • Time to Maturity | Appx. 100 daysHot Pepper Seeds | Keep your soil moist and about 75°F.  Room plants about 18″ apart and 1/4″ deep.

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Our 2nd item on the list today is Wildflowers – Blues Brothers Seed Mix 🤪

Plant this mix to grow a few of the most stunning blue-colored plants you have ever seen! 

Wildflower establishment calls for some essential steps:

– Site selection/preparation: It’s important to address competition from weeds: pull, till, or use organic herbicides. If planting in the spring/summer you are able to await weeds to germinate, control and then plant the wildflower seeds.

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The third product on our list today is Gourd – Dipper, Long Handle.

Long Handle Dipper Gourd (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • Just as the title suggests, this style of gourd will produce a gourd that may be repurposed as a ladle or dipper when dried out.
  • Will grow anywhere from 2-4 feet long by having an extra long handle.
  • Widely employed for crafting.
  • Thin/long/narrow top with wide/round/oval base.

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After that here is Gourd – Nest Egg.

Nest Egg Gourd (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • In the same way the title shows, this style of gourd will produce a gourd that appears like chicken eggs (same colors and sizes).

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The next product on the list for today is Tomato – Big Rainbow [INDETERMINATE]!

Big Rainbow Tomato (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • The Big Rainbow is really a variety that produces HUGE fruits that can weight over 2 pounds! –  Delicious treasure tomato flavor and texture. –  Indeterminate. –  Extremely popular. –  All-American favorite.
  • Day to Maturity | 80-90 days
12-Month Planting Calendar

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