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Interior Design Ideas From the World’s Most Magnificent Beauty Boutiques

Verónica Peña’s nature-inspired fragrances are held in blown-glass bottles with wooden lids that can be reused as modern bud vases. They glisten among the curiosities in this Mexico City fragrance boutique, where pressed flower petals, seashells, and branches scattered across long, wooden tables give the place a wonderful mad-scientist-meets-Mother-Nature vibe.

Go natural. You don’t need expensive decorations, “just stones or shells or dried flowers,” says Peña, who makes mosaics of colorfully painted seeds as art pieces for her store. “We merge nature and artistic expression. You can dry flower petals by laying them on a tray, then put them in a glass bottle for [colorful decor].” 

Buy a magnifying glass. Don’t let it get anywhere near your pores — simply place it on a silver tray. Let it inspire you to “take a moment to reflect,” says Peña. “We use magnifying glasses to take a close look at nature, and they can also be a nice reminder to take a closer look at yourself and [your surroundings].”

Mix materials. Put a dried rosebud on a tray with red lipsticks, or scatter pebbles among smoky shadows. Curate by concept, displaying connected items in trays, says Peña. “I like to keep Monstera, a green perfume, with all the green things that remind me of the jungle.”

Level up. Stack an item, like a lipstick, perfume, or face mask, on a wood block (books work too) to draw attention to it.

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