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Instead of Issuing Tickets For Broken Headlights, Denver Police Are Handing Out Gift Cards to Get Them Fixed

A new partnership with Colorado police is putting smiles on the faces of motorists who may not have the money to repair a broken part of their vehicle.

An Advance Auto Parts store has gifted the Denver Police Department 100 gift cards worth $ 25 each to give to drivers who are normally pulled over by police and receive a warning or fine to pay a penalty fee.

“Now when a motorist is pulled over for, say, a bad headlight or bad taillight, they will have the option of handing over a $ 25 gift card to help the motorist repair it, and get them back on the road and on. be safe, ”explained an Advance Auto Parts representative.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen says officers have already issued the cards and are enjoying the smiles they put on drivers’ faces.

“The Advance Auto Parts donation not only helps us achieve greater compliance with the automotive public, it also helps us build and strengthen relationships with our community.”

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