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Inspiring Woman Loses Over 130 Pounds in a Remarkable Transformation

Kassidy Riekens, an inspiring woman and mother of three, has lost more than 130 pounds since her health journey began in May 2015. After having her first child, Kassidy was inspired to lose baby weight and feel better. with your skin. She weighed 260 pounds at the time and was uncomfortable carrying that extra weight after giving birth. Saying that “she never wanted to feel like this again,” she began preparing food and going to the gym.

However, her struggles with weight and body image began much earlier in her life. In high school, Kassidy weighed just 107 pounds, exercised excessively, and ate too little to maintain her weight. Of course, after high school, life got a lot busier and you didn’t have as much time to spend exercising. He gained about 100 pounds by the age of 21 from binge drinking and falling into unhealthy eating patterns.

Kassidy did not feel good about his body and even found that his mentality had become cynical and pessimistic. He didn’t like who he had become. But it was difficult for him to give up unhealthy eating habits. She ate junk food Most days and she was not exercising, and when she got pregnant, Kassidy kept up those familiar habits. However, the day she gave birth to her daughter, she knew something had to change.

“I remember how I felt that day. Physically I was so big that I could barely move. Not just because of the pregnancy, but because of the amount of weight she had gained from overeating. That day I told myself that I would change. I would lose all the weight, and more, and become the best that I could be. And that’s exactly what I did. “

The start of this inspiring woman’s journey

“Two weeks after Harley was born, I started meal preparation. I didn’t know what I was doing or where to start, but I tried. 6 weeks later, I started exercising. I didn’t have a proper exercise program or much help, but I tried. I joined a gym, researched workouts, asked for help, and did the best I could. The weight started to drop, which motivated me and kept me focused, ”she said on her website.

This time, Kassidy wanted to focus on getting sturdier and healthier, not just slimmer. Instead of spending hours in the gym and eating very little, I wanted to develop healthy relationships with the gym and food. So, she chose workouts that would challenge her mentally. He said HIIT, weight training, and the stair master were crucial to losing 130 pounds.

As for diet, Kassidy said that intuitive eating works better for her rather than counting macros or calories. He likes to take typically unhealthy foods, such as barbecue, and make them both tasty and nutritious. She searches the internet every week for healthy recipes and relies on meal prep to stay on track.

With her new healthy lifestyle, she says her biggest hurdle is her rheumatoid arthritis. Diagnosed in 2017, Kassidy often feels excruciating joint pain throughout her body due to chronic inflammation. She says that some days it hurts so much that she can’t even get out of bed, walk, or hold her babies. However, the inspiring young woman did not let that deter her from her goals.

He modified the exercises in the gym so they didn’t cause him as much pain. Or you switched to a different activity that your body would tolerate better. Kassidy researched the best cardio and weight training exercises for people with arthritis to make sure they didn’t get injured. Preparing meals, exercising, and taking care of her two girls became her life.

This inspiring woman is balancing a wellness journey with parenting

However, raising two children and trying to stick to an exercise regimen don’t always go hand in hand. Kassidy said she had to leave her children with a babysitter almost every day to exercise. He would drive 30 minutes out of town to the nanny’s house and then drive back into town to his local gym. That equates to two hours of driving around each day, but that didn’t stop him from reaching his goals, either.

Kassidy has a strong work ethic, But like everyone else, some days he doesn’t feel the motivation. However, he says it all comes down to willpower and creating healthy habits. Want it or not, stick to your eating plan and hit the gym, as habits have become second nature. She loves seeing results and being able to buy new outfits, but she doesn’t limit her success to motivation.

She says it gets easier over time the more you practice healthier lifestyle habits. For example, Kassidy says she gained 70 pounds during her second pregnancy, but knew how to get back to normal. Having lost 130 pounds the first time, she knew that hard work and dedication would get her where she needed to be. So he began the grueling tasks of preparing food and going to the gym, losing over 80 pounds this time.

Their combined weight loss efforts now total 210 pounds. Kassidy proves that anyone, even busy moms, can lose weight and feel more comfortable in their own skin. After her story reached various media outlets, Kassidy was inspired to help motivate people all over the world. Her passion for fitness and helping others led her to obtain a license as a personal trainer and health coach. “My goal as a personal trainer and nutrition coach is to help all of my clients strive to be the best version of themselves,” she said.

Kassidy says that by sharing her story with others online, it keeps her motivated to stay on track. “It’s funny how I share so much on social media to help other women, but those women don’t realize how much they are actually helping me,” she said. She is now an online health advisor at Kassthetics, selling nutrition and training plans to customers. After getting into the best shape of her life, this inspiring woman wanted to help others do the same, too.

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