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Inspired by Her Children, Woman Starts Amazing Weight Loss Journey


Opal Stacie, a mother of three, decided to begin her weight loss journey to improve the quality of life for herself and her children. He said his wake-up call came when he couldn’t walk from the bathroom to the kitchen without losing his breath. He knew that he would have to start making changes for better health and fitness. For her, losing weight wasn’t just about getting physically stronger, it was also about mentally empowering herself.

Opal’s weight loss journey

“I started the trip because I was not well mentally and physically, my health began to fail,” he said. “I started getting headaches and I started having really bad asthma symptoms.” Since he began to worry about his health, he made an appointment with a neurologist, but could not find anything wrong. She felt that gaining about 100 pounds in a short time led to unpleasant symptoms, so made weight loss a priority.

Opal and her neurologist came up with a plan for her to lose at least 20% of her body weight for better health. He said that eliminating unhealthy foods from his diet was one of the first changes he made. Dramatically reducing foods high in sodium and carbohydrates helped her feel better and eliminate unwanted bloating. The next step was to add some form of exercise to his daily routine.

“So, I made it my goal to just move, just move, even if that meant just walking around my neighborhood,” he said. “I did that for about 30 minutes, at least 5 times a day, 5 times a week.” He said he did not follow a specific diet, he simply decided to eat intuitively and listen to his body. Moving more and eliminating or reducing her intake of unhealthy foods helped her reconnect with her body and give it adequate fuel.

She quickly realized what foods caused inflammation and what foods to avoid. While you didn’t commit to one type of diet, you did count calories. This is a great idea for people just starting out on their weight loss journey, so they can get an idea of ​​how many calories are in certain foods. After a while, you can eat intuitively once you learn the proper serving sizes and calorie amounts of the foods you eat.

A weight loss plan in motion

This new weight loss plan helped Opal a lot, but it wasn’t always easy. “Weight loss for me has been a struggle that I have faced all my life. I don’t think there was a time when I was able to lose weight on my own. “

He said that his children gave him the most motivation, because he wanted to have better health and fitness for them. She knew that if she felt healthier, she could give more to her children mentally and emotionally. We all need a reason for the improvements we make in our lives, and sometimes that comes from those closest to us. Plus, you can include your kids on walks around the neighborhood, which also teaches them the importance of exercise.

“I would say that the physical form has given me back my worth. It has restored my confidence, it has allowed me to live, honestly, ”he said.

His biggest advice for anyone looking to improve their fitness and start a weight loss journey is to simply believe in yourself. Even if you have no idea where to start, just having faith in yourself can give you the boost you need to take the first step. Opal says that it is possible and that you can do it, as long as keep that positive energy. It may turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

In one of her Instagram posts, Opal said about her weight loss journey:

“Before I could lose a kilo, I learned to accept myself. I lied and said to myself “you can do it” because at that moment, failing so many times before left me without confidence in my abilities, so I had to tell myself lies every day. The more I lied and tried to exercise, the easier it became for me to believe the lie.

I pretended I had already lost 50 and it was only a matter of time before my body caught up. It turns out that dedication, willpower, resilience, courage, stamina, those things were already embedded in me, it wasn’t a lie. The lie was the loud voice telling me that I was too big to see real progress. The lie was that I wasn’t strong enough to complete a workout, the lie was that I didn’t have enough willpower to resist my favorite foods.

If you lie to yourself long enough, you start to accept it. You think the things you’ve been telling yourself in your head are true. You are capable, you just have to believe that you are capable and then take a small step. “

This proves that it all starts in the mind. Even if you look at your body and feel like you have a lot to do, you can achieve what your mind tells you. Just affirm every day what your goals are and say that you have already achieved them! As long as you focus your mind, you can transform your life and perspective. Self-love and care should come first, no matter what goals you have. Remember, as long as you remain centered and aligned with your inner self, everything will eventually fall into place.


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