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Inspired By Brother With Autism, New App Helps Adults With Special Needs Make Friends


Juliana Fetherman’s brother, 22, has autism and ADHD and has felt very lonely due to his lack of friends.

Michael doesn’t have the social skills to meet and interact with new people and that has bothered her for a long time, so she created an app for that.

Called Making Authentic Friendships, the app can connect people over 13 who have special needs so they can make friends based on age, diagnosis, interest, and geographic location, depending on KING 5 News.

The app, available for Android and iOS devices, now serves communities in all 50 states, as well as 45 countries.

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Juliana, who recently earned an MBA from a Connecticut university, says she is committed to dedicating her “entire life” to “improving the lives of people with autism and other special needs.”

WATCH the video below, and find out more on their website, Making real friends.

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