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India’s Richest Man Retools Factories to Provide FREE Oxygen to 1 in 10 COVID Patients Across Country

Mukesh Ambani, kumawat, CC / COVID-19 license, NIAID, CC license

As India faces an unprecedented new wave of COVID-19, one of the country’s leading companies is working around the clock to bring free oxygen to people in need.

Traditionally, Reliance Industries is not a manufacturer of medical grade liquid oxygen. But more than a year after the pandemic, the company, which is owned by India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, has become the country’s largest producer from a single location, supplying more than 55,000 MT of liquid oxygen from medical degree to people since March 2020..

At its refinery and petrochemical complex in Jamnagar and other facilities, Reliance is producing more than 1000 MT of medical grade liquid oxygen per day, or more than 11% of India’s total production, meeting the needs of almost every 1 of every 10 patients in need of lifesaving treatments nationwide.

“Nothing is more important than saving all lives as India fights a new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said President Mukesh Ambani. in a sentence.

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The shift to high purity medical grade oxygen production has not been too difficult for Reliance engineers – the main facility is already designed for refining and petrochemical grade oxygen.

That said, medical grade oxygen must be produced in liquid form at -183 ° C with nearly 99.5% purity, posing extraordinary challenges and risks in production and tonnage maximization.

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“I am proud of our engineers at Jamnagar who have worked tirelessly, with a great sense of patriotic urgency, to meet this new challenge … [They’ve] He rose to the occasion and delivered when India needs it most, ”Ambani said of his staff, who now provide immediate relief to more than 100,000 COVID-19 patients on a daily basis.

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