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Indian Man Opens ‘Rice ATM’ For People in Need–Using $75k Life Savings to Help Others

Ramu Dosapati makes his living as a corporate human resources executive, but it is the selfless turn he has put on “human resources” in his private life that makes him truly extraordinary.

Ramu Dosapati

In 2020, hardships caused by heavy flooding and compounded by additional constraints from the COVID-19 shutdown left many migrant workers in the Hyderabad region of India stranded without means of support. Dosapati, who lives with his family there, has made it his mission to ensure that struggling workers in the area do not run out of food and other essentials.

To ease the burden on migrant workers, Dosapati has spent ₹ 50 lakh of its own funds (about $ 61,000) to set up and run a ‘rice ATM’, delivering rice and other necessities 24 hours a day, seven days of the week to those in need.

His first step on the path to altruism began quite simply, but he had no way of knowing how far his journey would take him and how much good he would do along the way.

Dosapati had gone to the store to pick up the ingredients for his son’s birthday dinner. While at the store, he noticed that a woman was buying a huge quantity of chicken, in fact it was worth close to $ 2,500.

Intrigued, he couldn’t help asking her purpose in buying so much poultry. It turned out that the woman, a security guard who works at a migrant worker camp, was buying it as a special gift for residents who had run out of food.

“When I asked him about his salary, he said it was 6,000 rupees. That got me thinking that if a woman with a salary of $ 6,000 can spend $ 2,000 on those in need, why can’t I do the same? Dosapati said Business Insider India.

Soon after, Dosapati accompanied the security guard to the camp, where he made a list of about 200 people who needed assistance. However, he quickly realized that the initial investment he had allocated would only last a few days.

Undaunted, Dosapati cashed in on his retirement fund and, working with a local merchant, opened Rice’s ATM and food pantry. But Dospati was not finished.

Ramu Dosapati

While working to move his family to a larger house and had already sold a plot of ancestral land to secure funding, when Dosapati learned that another new group of workers had arrived seeking help, with the blessing of his family , put those dreams on hold.

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“It was then that my wife supported me and asked me to go ahead and continue with the initiative,” he said.

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Since Rice’s ATM was launched last April, word has spread of Dosapati’s generosity. With the support of several outside sources now coming in, the man who has really put the “human” in HR says he expects resources to flow to those in need for a long time.

(WATCH the Business Insider India video to learn more about this story).

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