I Tried Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Future Lash Mascara — Review

Two passes are all it took for Future Lash to give me ultra-black, fluttery lashes. As for the smudge-proof claim, it’s legit — even with a humid, sweaty face mask on, creating enough condensation to melt off most mascaras. No smudging or bleeding accrued after a day of running errands around New York City. 

Now, my favorite part: the removal process. As much as I wish this moment was documented (my facial expression, included), I overlooked the warm-water-only removal claim and jumped right into my shower. Because I have low-porosity hair,  I always rinse my hair first, and it takes a minute or so for my curls to completely saturate. Wiping water away from my eyes, to my surprise, black filaments ran down my face and onto my hands. It couldn’t be that easy, could it? I gave my eyes another gentle rub with the slightest bit of pressure, and voilà — the mascara completely melted away. 

After washing my face with my go-to CeraVe cleanser, I hopped out of the shower and went straight to the mirror. To my amazement, there were no marks, smudges, or even a hint of raccoon eyes. No need for cotton rounds or a raccoon-eyed morning after swearing you washed it all off the night before; this time, it was off for good.

Since my first application (and cleanse), Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Future Lash Mascara has proven time and time again, it is possible to have it all — at least with mascara. My hooded eyes could not be more impressed.

The Victoria Beckham Beauty Future Lash Mascara is available now for $28 at victoriabeckhambeauty.com.

Victoria Beckham Future Lash Mascara

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