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Huda Kattan Shares Her Hair Loss Journey — Interview

I’m actually becoming an even hairier person — all the hair removal I’ve done on my body before is basically useless now. I don’t know what’s causing it, but I now have a lot of hair in a lot of places. [4] Like, new places. But honestly, who cares about hair “down there” anymore, anyway? It’s totally normal.

MAY 2021

I’ve been able to keep my hair growth steady, but my hair is still frail. I rarely blow-dry it, and I can’t color it anymore. It just breaks off completely. I’ll put it in a braid or leave it natural and just let it flow on days I’m not getting glam. It’s been so much easier since we’ve all been working from home. When I’m filming, I also love playing around with wigs, which is a really fun and easy way to avoid the stress that styling can put on my hair.

It’s crazy: Hair can give you confidence when it looks good, but it can also create so many insecurities. There’s shame around hair loss, but almost every woman I know [5] suffers from it. I talk to a lot of hairstylists, and they tell me stories about the most famous celebrities out there, how much hair fall they have, and how much pasting of extensions is going on. I’m going to start showing that more in my videos, when we do use extensions. People need to know.

[1] Dermarollers create microscopic wounds with tiny needles, stimulating the body’s healing response. Some early studies have found that participants who received these microneedling treatments on their scalps while also using minoxidil, a topical medication (you may know
it as Rogaine), experienced more new hair growth than those using minoxidil alone, says dermatologist Michelle Henry. She is introducing scalp microneedling in combination with topicals into her practice.

[2] A 2015 company-sponsored study in women found that Viviscal Pro supplements increase hair thickness and volume over a six-month period.

[3] That’s because there’s no one cause of hair loss, says Henry. Visit a dermatologist who can make personalized recommendations.

[4] Viviscal Pro says its product “targets the hair follicles on the head.” Dermatologist Corey L. Hartman adds, “I have not had any patients [who are taking Viviscal Pro] experience unwanted hair growth. There is no effect on hormones [and] Viviscal Pro doesn’t contain the usual culprits for [causing body-]hair growth.”

[5] By age 50, about half of all women will have noticed thinning hair. In many of those cases, it’s hereditary hair loss — experienced by approximately 30 million women in the United States. And we’re all susceptible to stress-related hair loss, which can come on suddenly and dramatically. Dermatologists have seen a surge in these cases during the pandemic.

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