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How to Recapture Your Imagination

How to recover your imagination

August 2, 2021– “If you had the spyglass, you could see anything in the world. If you had the spyglass, there was nothing you couldn’t get information from. It had a hypnotic power over people. It had been created by a king who gave it to her daughter, to use it in the strangest of courtships. If you wanted to marry her, you had only to achieve one thing. You had to disappear. You had to become a magician of the invisible. ” In this excerpt from his new book, Martin Shaw, a celebrated storyteller, relies on myth and metaphor to divert our gaze from the screen and turn our gaze to the wonder of the world. (3 readings)

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To take actionFor more inspiration, check out this short film, “The Lindworm,” in which Martin Shaw tells an ancient tale that begs the question: What have we exiled that returns to us in fury? [more]


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